A long-term priority will be developing specialized problem-solving courts and comprehensive justice programs in Boulder County.

  • Problem-Solving Courts. For military veterans and those suffering from mental health conditions and/or drug addiction, problem-solving treatment courts can provide jail alternatives for non-violent offenders through a variety of medical, mental health and other professional services.  Treatment courts have been established in many court systems, including in neighboring Jefferson and Gilpin counties under my leadership. These courts have resulted in greatly reduced recidivism rates, while giving these offenders the assistance they need for long-term success.

    “I have served on numerous groups and committees with projects leading to significant criminal justice reform, such as the Colorado Commission on Criminal and Juvenile Justice, and the Colorado Best Practices Committee for Prosecutors.”
  • Boulder County Family Peace Center. Domestic violence typically occurs behind closed doors, but it exists in every part of the community.  The problems associated with these difficult cases are multifaceted and complex.  While rigorous prosecution of offenders is a critical component, as District Attorney, I also will champion methods that provide integrated services for victims, affected family members, and offenders.  Having supervised the ongoing development of the Family Justice Center in Jefferson and Gilpin Counties, and having studied similar efforts in other parts of the state, I have seen the positive impact such a facility can have on combating domestic violence.
  • Driving Under the Influence Court. DUI offenders present a great risk to public safety, and often return to court as recidivists. A DUI court, with a dedicated judge and prosecutors, would work to provide treatment for alcohol and drug abusers, counseling, and monitoring programs. Recidivist DUI offenders would be identified for appropriate charging and sentencing options.

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