As District Attorney, I will use my position as a leader in the community and the state to speak out on issues of concern to the people of Boulder County.  These are some of the ways in which I will advocate for Boulder County:

“As DA, the protection of our community, and our environment, is an absolute priority.”
  • Advocating for Boulder County. Meeting regularly with members of the state legislature and government to propose legislative or executive actions that will improve criminal justice in Boulder County, and to oppose actions that would hurt our community.
  • Public Testimony. Testifying in the legislature, before the County Commissioners, and in City Council hearings across the County.
  • Community Dialogue. Holding public forums on important public safety issues, such as school safety, workplace sexual assault and harassment, and environmental protection.

News From the Campaign:

A New Focus On Cold Cases

This article originally appeared in the Daily Camera Every cold case homicide and missing person case represents a tragic and unexplained loss. These victims deserve justice. Their families deserve answers and closure. That’s why tackling Boulder County’s cold cases is a priority for me as your district attorney. I am excited to announce the formation … Continued

Vote for the Better Prosecutor

This letter to the editor originally appeared in the Boulder Daily Camera on April 2nd. June’s primary to determine the next DA for the 20th Judicial District will be between interim DA Michael Dougherty and state Rep. Mike Foote, who also serves as a deputy DA in Boulder. There is a push from local political … Continued