As District Attorney, I will undertake the following priority actions towards the core mission of seeking justice in every case:

  • Conviction Integrity Program. I am committed to starting a conviction integrity program for the Boulder County District Attorney’s Office.  Deputy District Attorneys working in the program not only will investigate claims of erroneous convictions, but also will help the entire office to learn from the past by recommending the most effective investigation and prosecution techniques moving forward.  My office will work with members of the local defense bar, law enforcement, victim advocacy groups and judges to develop a fair, responsible protocol and process for case reviews in Boulder.
“I am proud to have led the DNA Justice Review Project in Colorado. That work led to the exoneration of an innocent man, wrongly incarcerated for murder.”
  • Protecting Immigrants.  I will use the resources and authority of my office to protect immigrant populations by enhancing training for office staff on handling cases affecting immigrants, increasing outreach and education efforts, and enhancing the U-Visa program for crime victims and witnesses.
  • Bias and Hate Crimes.  Bias and hate crimes cannot be tolerated in our society, and must be prosecuted to the full extent of the law. I will dedicate prosecutors to develop expertise on handling bias and hate crimes, work proactively with law enforcement, and conduct extensive outreach to affected communities.
  • Workers’ Rights.  Wage theft and other labor law violations are an ongoing concern for the underemployed, immigrants and others.  I will work to protect workers’ rights by creating a reporting system for these crimes, providing staff training, and working with unions, non-profits and appropriate agencies on providing robust assistance in these cases.

News From the Campaign:

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