I have dedicated my entire life to public service and criminal justice.  It is a profound honor to have the support of prosecutors, law enforcement officials, victim advocates, members of the defense bar and community leaders for my continued work as your District Attorney.

Former Boulder County District Attorney Stan Garnett  

“Michael Dougherty not only managed personnel for the Manhattan DA’s Office but for the Colorado Attorney General, where he ran the criminal division, and the Jefferson and Gilpin County District Attorney’s office, where he was second in command.

“Michael and his family came to Colorado to start a wrongful conviction project for the Attorney General’s Office over nine years ago and has lived in Boulder with his family the entire time. He is seen as a leader on criminal justice reform issues both in the law enforcement and defense bar communities, and is widely respected by the staff and local law enforcement.”

More on Stan Garnett’s endorsement.

Joe Pelle has served as the Boulder County Sheriff since 2003.

Boulder County Sheriff Joe Pelle

“I am supporting Michael Dougherty in this race for several reasons. To put it simply, Michael has impressed me since our first meeting. He has the “X” factor for leadership that just seems to come naturally. He knows how to manage people, budgets, and policy.

“I got to know him well, and I can tell you that he is a strong leader, an innovator, and a very good lawyer. He is progressive and smart. That experience is critical for “The” District Attorney as it amounts to a very large portion of their responsibility. Currently, there are projects, programs, cases, and trials underway that do not need to be interrupted by the insertion of a new personality in January. Governor Hickenlooper made the right choice when he appointed Michael Dougherty.”   More on Joe Pelle’s endorsement

Nancy Lewis, Leading Crime Victim Advocate 

“Michael Dougherty is one of the finest public servants in Colorado. His years of leadership experience have prepared him well to serve the citizens of Boulder County.

“Michael does not seek praise, nor does he strive for personal glory, but he has the respect of the entire criminal justice community and is unquestionably the best candidate in the race.”




Kenneth Boyd, Deputy District Attorney,
Denver County

Ryan Brackley, Assistant District Attorney,
Denver County (Fmr. ADA Boulder County)

Jim Bullock, District Attorney,
16th Judicial District

   Christian Champagne, District Attorney,
6th Judicial District

     Jeff Chostner, District Attorney,
10th Judicial District

Maggie Conboy, Senior Chief Deputy District Attorney, Denver

Linda Fairstein, Fmr. Chief of Manhattan District Attorney’s Office Sex Crimes Unit

Lisa Friel, Fmr. Chief of Manhattan District Attorney’s Office Sex Crimes Unit

Will Furse, District Attorney,
22nd Judicial District

Stan Garnett, Fmr. Boulder County District Attorney

Dan Hotsenpiller, District Attorney,
7th Judicial District

Ann Joyce, Senior Deputy District Attorney,
1st Judicial District

Amy Padden, Fmr. Federal Prosecutor and candidate for Colorado Attorney General

Rhoda Pilmer, Chief Deputy District Attorney,
17th Judicial District

John Walsh, Fmr. U.S. Attorney


Law Enforcement Unions

Fraternal Order of Police, Longmont

Fraternal Order of Police, Boulder County

Boulder Police Officer Association


Elected Law Enforcement Officials

Joe DiSalvo, Sheriff, Pitkin County

Bruce Hartman, Sheriff, Gilpin County

Robert Jackson, Sheriff, Alamosa County

Bill Masters, Sheriff, San Miguel County

Joe Pelle, Sheriff, Boulder County

Brett Schroetlin, Sheriff, Grand County

Kirk Taylor, Sheriff, Pueblo County


Victim Advocates

Kati Behrens

Allison Boyd

Jan Ferguson

Nancy Lewis

Alan Rosenfeld

Steve Siegel


Attorneys in the Private Bar

David Beller

Patrick Burke

Michael Carrigan

Jim Chalat

Trip DeMuth

Mike Feeley

Kirsten Frost

Tristan Gorman

Eric Johnson

David Kaplan

Josh Landy

Forrest Lewis

       Brad Levin, Fmr. candidate for Colorado Attorney General

Conor May

Kevin McGreevy

Qusair Mohamedbhai

John Purvis

Siddhartha Rathod

Daniel Recht

Pat Ridley

Ann Roan

      Andrew Shoemaker, Fmr. Boulder City Council

Annemarie Spain

Sean Stewart

Mike Thomson

Fredric Wincour


Community Leaders

Suzy Ageton, Fmr. Deputy Mayor

Sue Alton

Matt Appelbaum, Fmr. Boulder Mayor

Cynthia Braddock, County Assessor

                       Ronald Brambila

Ed Bryne

Jim Carpenter

Lisa Cutter

Jim Dale

Martelle Daniels

Benita Duran

Ron Engels, Gilpin County Commissioner

Nancy Feldman

Richard Garcia

Tere Garcia

Michael Huttner

Linda Isenhart, Gilpin County Commissioner

Peggy Jessel

Alan Kennedy-Shaffer, Candidate for State Senate

Kris Larsen, Mayor, Nederland

Christopher Nicholson

Lisel Petis, Steamboat City Council

Peter Salas

Laura Spicer

George Stern, Candidate for Jefferson County Clerk and Recorder

Leona Stoecker

Jim Tatten

Nick Thomas

Meg Tierney

   Casey Tighe, Jefferson County Commissioner

        Gail Watson, Gilpin County Commissioner

Bob Yates, Boulder City Council



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